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Although Liu is no gas consumption, and stared eye bloodless Xu basil, mouth a hook, facing Wen Meier said: "Under Meier, the gruel mixed with rice bran and so that the chickens on the stove, playing at home so many still want to eat a bowl of gruel, his aging mother is a saliva do not want you to eat, one by one, are good for nothing money-losing, this eighth did not marry, you gnaw give his aging mother woke up, ye forget the dead, not even think about the future in this house eat the bread of idleness is death, but also to his aging mother I die to go outside. "Mother, basil shed so much blood, would you please come bandage doctor, some medicine on it?" Yu quivering voice suddenly as a ghost is so incoming Liu's ears, I saw her feet meal, turned around, looked at his face in his arms Yu blood is basil, Mouguang a brutal, hard voice shouted: "Please, please what, I thought it was big money to flush it, Gan Minger let Hadron find the mat to roll, threw the mountain directly, save it to the coffin of the cross beam repair liters of children." Xu basil scared out of his chin fast, her chest now even though Wang Zi bread can not be considered, but this man has changed too, state it, it will be the first time to see her to her clothes torn, and also take pocket bread insult her aunt really can endure, t can not tolerate, waving his fist toward the man is immediately hit to his face, shouted and cursed: "Your grandmother, even Wang Zi small steamed bread also fail to get you to evaluate, light long a husk, Pa layer of skin you even this girl a finger can not match., Directly across from Xu Qiang said: "Come on, tetra-t!" Xu Qiang frustration, sigh, is led out of the door Xu basil.

" Grass . wholesale jerseys nike,wholesale nfl jerseys nike,wholesale nfl jerseys nike free shipping,wholesale jerseys nike from china Matchmaker flower mouth can not be covered, and this is to eat by mouth, this village has several pro she is not to say, and moreover, which have been the eighteenth, is to see if this is a child born Xu liter , scholar may be in the future, she would like for his daughter wade this muddy water jinx it? Liu can not let her face so it came to be that she said pro-eighth of this Xu Xu basil, pour it when one did not succeed, but this eighth since even the saliva did not drink, is also affected by this useless gas, it was not her job to hit, and when even inviting voice shouted: "I gnaw stand sits such a shameless Oh Lord, this is the granddaughter home village ten Pali slope well known jinx it to anyone yo, but this matchmaking total of the money to it, it does not give this money sent over the little gift that share some of it, you have not propose small son intimacy, blind see which girl will marry your house, you will Liu pungent this rogue, who would like to enter your door yo, this is also a daughter marry the . okay.

And she just went to the door, I heard a loud voice outside Aunt eldest son Xu making money. The man is a ghost, it's really just an ordinary black pig pig it? How even this poisonous scorpions eat. This, basil Xu Yu had wanted to praise this Ambidexterity.