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"Tetra-t, you pick up firewood, which I am familiar to children, I went over there to see, looks like the most tender side of ragweed is also up. Xu basil moment, eyeball kept turning from time to time in the three of them looked at him, concludes: "You three are a nest?" But ask them and think it is wrong, that if their nest that the mother is half human, half demon, or be given on a pig, and only two had a pig, No no no, the more they want, the more feel derail the ." Xu Ziying nine years old, with the big treasure born a year, three months younger than the big treasure, at the moment, his face still wearing the wet tears, one hand holding the same deadpan but tears Xuzi Kui, with a tender voice. Looked through the lush foliage looked at the sky, it is to step back in carrying a backpack to go back. So, when this end-zhou room to eat basil, she nearly fell out to bowl, counted a total of eleven meters in two bowl, cook sucks though, can If put into two small fish, but still be able to count the fish scales back a few pieces. Wen's two sons Meier big nine, called the big treasure, three years younger than the basil, small only six years old, called the two treasures, all look Hutouhunao, head wearing a pigtail, other places are light .

Xu found himself basil exclude special little country girls in the name, not the ordinary people she discrimination, but these words from his mouth is too small, I feel particularly harsh, but also wanted to hit her special person. "Ziying, they began to eat yet?" Send porridge is Ziying, seeing that she looked sheepishly hands basil bowl, eyes kept turning, rolling throat, as if to swallow, Xu basil think they certainly have not eaten, they He asked the case.", At that moment, a dull voice came over, her daughter cried several movements meal, both towards utterance place to look, the look, almost surprised that I do not know when to sit the body basil and with eyes half whole family, it seems that more intake vent less, Yu agreed that this is a supernatural power, for a time, the tears and the wanton flowing. blood . . wholesale jerseys vip,wholesale nfl jerseys vip,wholesale jerseys vip free shipping,wholesale jerseys vip from china

my house, hurry, hurry to fire ah, you may rations are inside it." Xu making money saw that they were wrong, and this milk also side with the big treasure, it is anxious gas red eyes, loss of his father, uncle, said the bride to do this sumptuous banquet, is to let him finish with a bit early come back to eat their vegetables, it seems this is the kind when donkey liver and lung. "Milk, he started the fire, how can you blame me, you can not be so eccentric it. "Kick are played, but also not a kick back?" Of course, she is not any punches fancy rounding pinch flat, and moreover, this is on the market, the street, pedestrians coming and going, she can not believe that they can on how she is. "Old everyone, not dead, that the days are bright, do not know to get up and do breakfast ah. And Xu basil nor refuted, the dishes into the kitchen took over, then that is holding a tub, specifically male baby should be several feet wash the ass of the tub, installed directly on the table pot of hogwash central, himself directly into the house, but after holding a basket in one hand and pull the sister came out of the eyeball staring thousand people turn a blind eye, it is so blatantly out of the door.